Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2008 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Box Break, Volume III: The Cards Strike Back

Okay, in an attempt to clear out my backlog before I rip more packs, I'm posting this one a little earlier today. Since I'm doing this in the middle of the afternoon, maybe it won't also be immediately buried by someone else's pack. ;-)

202 Mike Lamb
109 Joe Nathan - Not even a semi-star number for Joe? He got hosed.
183 Paul Byrd - He still looks like Kelsey Grammer's evil brother.
53 Hank Blalock
269 James Loney Topps All-Star Rookie
216 Ryan Garko
20 Daisuke Matsuzaka
300 Chien-Ming Wang - When he starts spelling it "wong", I'll start pronouncing it "wong".
123 Terry Francona MGR
32 Howie Kendrick

164 Nate Schierholtz
238 Shane Victorino - I used to watch the Flyin' Hawaiian play when he was at Scranton-Wilkes Barre.
82 So Taguchi - There's a distinct Far East flavor to this pack.
296 Paul Konerko
275 C. C. Sabathia AL Cy Young Award Winner
76 Ivan Rodriguez - Pudge has been around for 17 years. Wow.
71 Jarrod Washburn
97 Clint Sammons RC
27 Bob Melvin MGR - Bob looks a tad sunburned here.

328 Nyjer Morgan RC
213 Michael Barrett
74 Garrett Atkins
158 Jose Bautista
234 Red Sox Postseason Highlights: World Series Recap - This is the regular, non-Rudy variation. Gross.
231 Casey Blake
7 Mickey Mantle - Enough already.
AR46 Derek Jeter 50th Anniversary Topps All-Star Rookie
MHR534 Mickey Mantle Home Run Blah Blah Blah
YR1 Paul LoDuca Year in Review, April 1, 2007: 2-5, 3 RBI at St. Louis - I wonder if there are even any Orioles cards in this insert set? No, 30-3 does not count.
OTG12 Magglio Ordonez Own the Game
TCH10 Joe Mauer Trading Card History: 1941 Play Ball

59 Grady Sizemore: Postseason Highlights ALDS Gold Foil
288 Classic Combos: Ivan Rodriguez and Justin Verlander Gold Foil
308 Felipe Lopez
169 Adam Lind
119 Jeremy Hermida
104 Kevin Youkilis - Who is Kevin pointing at? You guessed it...Jerry Van Dyke.

41 Rich Aurilia
92 Ross Detwiler RC - The Nats' #1 draft pick last year sneaks into this set because they were desperate enough to promote him in September.
29 Anibal Sanchez
86 Scott Podsednik - I think I've got the Series 1 White Sox team set by now, and only two Orioles.
93 Grandpa Lofton
72 Mike Piazza - Will this be his last Topps card as an active player?
115 Johan Santana
250 Jonathan Papelbon - I'm relieved that he's not doing a stupid dance in his photo.
210 Mark Teahen


Unknown said...

I don't think Byrd looks like Kelsey Grammer; he looks like Mongo.

Cleveland needs to hold a promo day where all fans staying past the 9th inning get to see him punch a horse.

Kevin said...

"Paul Byrd just pawn in game of life."

He's still doing better than Jay Gibbons, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Rocky Dennis from Mask.

Andy said...

Chinese people in this country have been spelling their name "Wang" and pronouncing it "wong" for many years. Get off your high horse and just pronounce his name correctly.

MMayes said...

Ross Detwiler comment. I still don't understand the Nats' logic here, especially with shrewd management like Stan Kasten. Detwiler didn't help them to a pennant, but they did start the clock on his service time towards arbitration eligibility. It's one thing if they planned for him to be in the bigs all or most of this year, but he was in college last year and could use time in the minors......

Kevin said...

Andy, I have been duly chastened. Please disregard my attempt at sophomoric humor.

Now let's hope there are no Rusty Kuntz cards hiding in this set.

jason202 said...

Ross Detwiler wasn't promoted out of desperation. As I understand it, there was a clause in his contract stipulating that the Nats promote him in September. He pitched a whopping ONE inning.