Wednesday, February 27, 2008

1993 Donruss Triple Play

First off, I must admit that I'm a little miffed about not being given the heads up that this was indeed Profanity-Laced Tirade Week. Here's my favorite. Lee Elia is awesome. (The video header is a bit misleading. This wasn't during a press conference. There was actually a reporter in the locker room secretly taping this, so Elia was probably operating under the belief that everything was off the record.)

Anyways, here's a fun pack of cards to rip. (Don't rip the players!)

Let's tear in. (...and PRINT IT!)

Top to Bottom:
26 Action Baseball Game: Twins vs. Angels (Reminds me of a child's Valentine's Day card.)

204 Steve Olin
263 Roger McDowell: Fun at the Ballpark (Nice.)

257 Charlie Hayes
251 Sandy Alomar, Jr.
106 Rick Sutcliffe (Patriotic. Proud. Happy to no longer be a Cub.)

100 Craig Biggio

94 Albert Belle
82 Kirk McCaskill
105 Dave Nied (Ooooh, you just got your s*** traded [expanded] from the Braves to the Rockies. Hope you have a good 15 years in that arm, 'cause that's how long it'll take to get back to the playoffs.)

111 Dean Palmer
92 Mickey Tettleton
98 Juan Bell

Grade: B
Biggio has turned into one of those guys who makes you somewhat happy anytime you get one of his cards. His presence in any pack raises it half a grade.
The McDowell is obviously the highlight of the pack. The back is even more bizarre. Just what exactly is he trying to show us? Bullfrog cheeks?
Dangly earrings?

Quote of the day:
"...a whole shoebox full of 'em...dangly ones."

Name the movie. If you know this one, you are awesome.


William said...

"Home Alone." That same old guy was in another John Hughes film, "Planes, Trains, & Automobiles" -- he sat next to Neil Page on the first flight and fell asleep on his shoulder.

Unknown said...

Nice work.

Jason T. Carter said...

Roger is awesome. On his 1988 Donruss Baseball's Best card he posed with a catcher's mitt in a squat. Such a joker.

dayf said...

I keep forgetting that screwball is now the Braves pitching coach. Hey, now that card can go in my Braves box! Sweet!

Luke said...

Please, from a mother to a mother, i'm desparate!

great tirade

you're what the french call, le ze competant!