Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2008 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Box Break, Volume X: The Final Rip

Another box break comes to an end. Remember when the magic began, just a short week ago? We've had some great times, you and I. Man, I promised myself I wouldn't cry.

89 Josh Willingham
177 Josh Anderson RC
192 Jim Edmonds
69 Bobby Cox MGR - Bobby entertains me greatly, but this card is Exhibit A for Why Managers Shouldn't Wear Uniforms.

203 Jason Tyner - One home run in 1356 ABs. Rafael Belliard approves.
133 Mike Bacsik
85 Jason Bay
315 David Weathers - Not a pretty man.
172 Chris Ray - No dupes yet! I might have a run of Orioles coming to me.
282 Jon Lester
305 Carlos Delgado

C08-RP Ron Paul - My opinion of Ron improved when I saw this.
103 Jonathan Albaladejo RC - I'm gonna call him "Albie".
113 Kevin Frandsen
73 Mike Napoli
208 David DeJesus
215 Bobby Jenks - Since I've been keeping track, this completes my White Sox team set.
62 Rich Thompson RC
116 Chuck James
187 Dustin McGowan
120 Andruw Jones - The shoddiest of the Photoshopped stars.
276 Brad Ausmus
264 Byung-Hyun Kim
131 Norris Hopper - What a great name. Much better than Joey JoJo Junior Shabadoo.
AR19 Julio Franco 50th Anniversary Topps All-Star Rookie - 1983? That can't be right. I'm fairly certain he debuted for the Cleveland Spiders ballclub back in the 'Aughts.

MHR502 Mickey Mantle Socks Some Dingers #502
YR4 Carlos Beltran Year in Review, April 4, 2007: Mets, Pirates, Twins, Angels Open with Sweeps - Are all of these Mets cards?
OTG8 Jim Thome Own the Game
TCH13 Johan Santana Trading Card History: 1933 DeLong

257 Classic Combos: Austin Kearns and Dmitri Young Gold Foil
324 Jake Peavy NL Cy Young Award Winner Gold Foil
96 Sam Fuld RC
221 Ian Snell - He signs his name "Ian Dante Snell". That's fun.
277 Aubrey Huff - Aubrey just switched his uniform # from 19 to 17 to pay tribute to ex-teammate Joe Kennedy, who died of heart disease in November. Classy move.
151 Adam Loewen - Two O's in a row!
156 Brandon McCarthy
271 Chad Tracy
70 Dan Uggla - He ain't got no alibi.
157 Tim Redding
37 Jason Marquis - The card back talks about Jason's baseball-themed Bar Mitzvah. Mazeltov!
205 Gil Meche
51 Erik Bedard - The last of 4 Orioles in this pack is the best. The picture is actually swingman Brian Burres! A somehow fitting farewell for Erik's last Orioles card.

11 Yorvit Torrealba
36 Brendan Harris
1 Alex Rodriguez - The last card of the box is card #1. Go figure.

WHOOO! COMPLETE SET! So let's break it down. All odds are per 46-card Jumbo pack.

Base Cards 330/330 100%
Doubles 42/330 12.7%
Checklists 2/3 66.7% (I got a complete set but not all three checklists. Weird.)
Gold Foil Parallels (2:1) 20/330 6.1%
Gold Parallels (1:3) 4/330 1.2%
50th Anniversary Topps All-Star Rookie (1:1) 10/55 18.2%
Campaign 2008 (1:2) 5/12 41.7%
Campaign 2008 Gold Parallel (1:5) 2/12 16.7%
2007 Highlights Relic Group D (1:33) Cameron Maybin
2007 Highlights Autograph Group E (1:117) Nyjer Morgan
Mickey F. Mantle Home Run History (1:1) 10/35 28.6%
Mickey Mantle Story (1:3) 3/10 30%
Own the Game (1:1) 10/25 40%
Trading Card History (1:1) 10/25 40% - TCH6 through TCH15
Year in Review (1:1) 10/60 16.7% - YR1 through YR6, YR57 through YR60


William said...

Wow, getting a full set of 330 from one box is very impressive. That means you don't have to go searching Beckett.com or eBay for singles/lots. Kudos to Topps. Had this been an Upper Deck box, you would've pulled 27 Mike Bacsiks and been down about 110 cards in the set.

Kevin said...

Yeah, Topps is fairly well collated. My relic and autograph were kind of unremarkable, so I still might save some money and go with a regular box next time instead of the jumbo. It seems like everyone who's done that is getting about 300 of 330, and I could get the rest in trades without too much trouble, I think.

dayf said...

The Cleveland Spiders reference made me shoot soda through my nose. Good Job.

Chris Harris said...

Considering that the base set is 330 cards, and you get roughly 37 base cards in each HTA pack; getting a full base set from an HTA box isn't all that impressive.

Kevin said...

Chris - No arguments from me. Chalk it up to lowered expectations from a modern-day collector.

bailorg said...

Funny, I also bought an HTA box and got a complete base set, but I also only got 2/3 checklist cards.