Thursday, February 14, 2008

PACK WAR - 1989 Donruss

After a humiliating defeat, I waged a counteroffensive that neutralized my enemy's greatest strength and thoroughly routed his troops. I now have the enemy on the run and can deliver another decisive victory with solid planning. The battleground is 1989 Donruss. The conventional wisdom is to try to massacre the opponent with a Griffey Jr, but an equally effective strategy is to try for a second tier rookie. Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling or Gary Sheffield all provide needed cover for an assault with your star cards and lesser rookies like Rob Dibble, Flash Gordon or Mark Lemke. Diamond Kings, MVP bonus cards and minor stars are also plentiful and are a better bet than trying to shoot for the Griffey. Using such a strategy the assault has a 32.33 (repeating, of course) chance at success against even the most prepared opponent - oh screw it. All right chums, let's do this.


Third Campaign: 1989 Donruss

Dayf's pack:

Warren Spahn Puzzle 40, 41, 42 - oh my god he just ran in
485 Kevin Mitchell
363 Ken Phelps
644 Bill Schroeder - stick to the plan chums!
170 Bob Boone
524 Oswald Peraza - oh jeez, oh fuck
166 Mike Stanley
577 Rolando Roomes - oh my god.
455 Daryl Boston

332 Bob Welch
563 Fred Lynn
258 Mike Krukow - goddamnit, Leroy. you moron
135 Greg Walker
500 Checklist 468-577
- why do you do this shit Leroy??
480 Randy Kramer
358 Todd Benzinger
- Leroy you are just stupid as hell.

Oh well, at least I have chicken.

Thorzul's pack:

Puzzle Pieces 31, 32, 33 (Warren Spahn's manly chin,
that's gotta beat whatever dayf pulls.)

524 Oswald Peraza
2 Bobby Bonilla Diamond King

200 Checklist
279 Denny Walling
275 Damon Berryhill (Catcher of the Future)
269 Mike Dunne
263 Pete Smith
257 Barry Larkin (Now we're cooking.)

246 Roberto Alomar (Think, his brother was the Rated
Rookie in the Family this year, and look how that
turned out.)

241 Jim Deshaies
235 Howard Johnson
34 Greg Harris Rated Rookie
283 Paul Kilgus
BC-10 Andy Van Slyke Team MVP

Well, I think I've got the western Pennsylvania vote
covered. I found it pretty unusual that there were
only two American Leaguers in this pack, considering
the N.L. had two fewer teams at the time. No
first-ballot HoFers here, but two guys who could go
either way when their year(s) come up (Larkin and
Alomar). I have a feeling this one will be a coin

No coin toss will decide this... Vote on the best pack!


Kevin said...

And Thorzul takes this one. He probably could have won it with the Bobby Bo DK alone.

Chris Harris said...

A Bobby-Bo DK, a Barry Larkin, and a Andy van Slyke MVP "insert."

Thorzul in a landslide.

jtanevismom06 said...

Thorzul wins. Double play combo of Larkin/Alomar trumps Mitchell and any post Sox Lynn is junk.

NickL said...

complete destruction for Thorzul

Dave said...

Thorzul in a rout

William said...

A young Larkin and Alomar can only be beat by a Randy Johnson or Griffey rookie. Considering Dayf got cards of both Rolando Roomes and a checklist, Thorzul wins [he'd win this one even if his best pull was nick esasky, yes I said it].