Saturday, February 02, 2008

2007 Topps Turkey Red

I bought this pack of Turkey Red thinking that I was really desperate for something new to open. Then Thorzul goes and shows me I don't even know the meaning of the word. This pack was discounted to three dollars instead of the typical four or five for hobby packs. Plus the dealer gave me the Mickey Mantle box topper advertisement poster to boot, not a bad deal. I was still apprehensive about it though, as a set builder I hate the fact that the short prints are impossible to get and I didn't want to waste money that could go to 2008 product. I couldn't resist the poster though so even if the pack sucked I still had that to put on the front of my Turkey Red binder.

110 Daisuke Matsuzaka RC
150 Ken Griffey Jr.
141 Kevin Kouzmanoff RC
186 Yovani Gallardo RC
95 Derek Jeter
180 Miguel Cabrera Turkey Red back SP
23 Adrian Gonzalez
19 Mickey Mantle & Casey Stengel

Well this is a pretty goddamn good pack at first glance. Griffey, Jeter, Mantle plus three good rookies. Problem is when I was ripping, all I saw was, "have it", "have it", "got three of them", "Ditto"... Hell, three cards out of the pack I pulled my very first pack rip. That's why this set irritates me, I haven't bought that much of this stuff but the set is so small every rip is doubles city. At least I have some nice cards to trade, plus the Griffey, Jeter and Mantle paintings by Dick Perez are freaking gorgeous. The Dice-K painting... not so much. Dude looks like Gomez from Charles Addams' cartoons. Still a nice rookie. So I was bunmmed at getting no SPs once again, when I looked at the back. Miguel Cabrera Turkey Red back! Kick ass! I got one I need at least. If anyone out there covets any of the others, make me an offer.


NickL said...

jesus those painting are AWFUL. AWWFFFULLLL. It looks like a middle school hallway.

Jason T. Carter said...

I actually like them, especially the Griffey. I think the artwork is kind of reminiscient of early 90s Diamond Kings, after they moved away from the mugshot and little action shot that they had used for years.

beardb said...

do you need the howard, pujols, or santana short prints for this set?