Friday, February 15, 2008

2008 Topps Nickel pack

Once again, Topps is offering a five cent pack at HTA store locations to promote their 2008 products. Last year's pack featured the 1933 DeLong set design, and contained the first 5 cards of a 25 card set. This year's set is a continuation of the Trading Card History set inserted into Hobby packs. Cards 1-25 can be found in packs, cards 26-30 are in this pack and 31-50 will be free giveaways at hobby stores, one per week. I apologize in advance to those who don't have a hobby store near them, but usually a bunch of these show up on eBay as well. Here's the ones from the nickel pack:

Card 26 is Ryan Howard utilizing the 1982 Topps set. Everybody is familiar with the classic hockey stick design, which has been put to good use recently.

Card 27 featured David Wright in the T204 Ramly design from 1909. This is the only vintage retro design out there that would actually benefit from foil stamping. The original cards were about the size of the '48-50 Bowman cards at 2" by 2 1/2" and the intricate design around the picture was gold instead of the brown on this card. The originals are spectacular looking and scarce as hell.

Card 28 is of Dodgers Prospect Chin-Lung Hu on the '59 Topps design. If you aren't familiar with '59 Topps, you will be in about 2 or 3 weeks as it is the subject of this year's Topps Heritage set. I'm still not familiar with Chin-Lung Hu, even though I just pulled two inserts of him today. Who is this guy?

Card 29 is MVP J-Roll supposedly on the T-205 design. For some reason the past few years Topps has forgotten that real T-205 cards have gold borders and left them off all their retro inserts in that style. They finally got it right in this year's Target insert set though. I'm going to play off the white borders as if they are based on the T-202 set instead.

Finally we have card 30 featuring Griffey Jr. in the 1966 Topps style. I think it's utterly fantastic that the photographer took the photo for this card on a golf course. Griffey himself is too distracted by the weird black spot next to Reds on the banner to smile for the picture.


Jason T. Carter said...

So it's a five cent pack, you get five cards, and it's always the same? Just trying to make sure I understand correctly.

dayf said...

Yeah, it's a promo by Topps. You get them from their official home team advantage dealers. You buy the 5 cent pack and then each week they give out another card from the set as long as you buy a pack of Topps.