Saturday, February 23, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Series 1

I just couldn't help myself. My hobby store was bundling the Trading Card History giveaways with any 2007 or 2008 pack, so I figured I should at least get a close-up look at the newest offering from the Big Bad Diamond. It's easy to remember why Upper Deck sells. These photos are just plain beautiful, head and shoulders above what Topps offers. Enough of the mush, though. Here's the rundown:

88 Brendan Harris - Still with the Rays here instead of the Twins.
49 Willie Harris
10 Garret Anderson - I always want to put a second "t" on the end of his first name. Force of habit.
208 Adam LaRoche
130 Franklin Gutierrez - Shown clad in AL Central Champions gear right after the Tribe clinched.
299 Johnny Damon
26 Mike Piazza - Still unsigned. I feel kind of sorry for the guy. He was the star rookie the year I became a baseball fan. Time marches on...
260 David DeJesus - Great action shot of him lunging for a sinking fly ball.

221 Tim Wakefield
144 Justin Miller - Who now?
261 Jeremy Bonderman
105 Rudy Seanez
66 Yadier Molina - The photo on the back shows him wearing a hoodie under his jersey in-game. Weird.
27 Jack Cust
359 Tampa Bay Sunshine Team Checklist (B. J. Upton)
350 Bill White RC - Another outdated Glamour Shots photo; White pitched with the Rangers in 2007, but is shown with the Nationals, who released him in March. Lame.
341 Bronson Sardinha RC
390 Jake Peavy Season Highlights: Pitching Triple Crown
363 Indians Team Checklist (Grady Sizemore) - Grady looks like he just saw a roach skitter across home plate.
OPC-ER Edgar Renteria O-Pee-Chee - This would be a neat design if the player name were at all legible.


dayf said...

Except for the Tigers logo and the insanely stupid invisible silver lettering, the Edger Renteria O-Pee-Chee looks pretty good.

Seriously, silver?? What the hell were they thinking?!?

Captain Canuck said...

No scan of LaRoche??? What the hell, man????