Wednesday, February 13, 2008

PACK WAR - 1990 Score

Due to general incompetence, nepotism and intrigue, I ended up losing the battle of 1990 Fleer. BIG time. Grrrrr. The campaign switches to 1990 Score and my angry and wounded troops are going to crank things up a notch. Kind of like this:

Enough idle chatter! On to WAR!!!!

Second Campaign: 1990 Score

Thorzul's pack:

10 Cory Snyder
105 Glenn Braggs

100 Roberto Kelly
262 Mitch Williams
MVP Lenticular #7 Al Rosen (A.L. 1953)
687 Bo Jackson Dream Team

482 Manny Lee
478 Franklin Stubbs
201 Dave Stieb
199 Kevin Seitzer
181 Rob Murphy
364 Ron Jones
376 Randy Ready
384 Mike Marshall
627 Kelly Mann

633 Tom Barrett (Same name as Milwaukee's
, not as tough on crime.)
647 Paul Sorrento

I don't know...
After the first battle in our pack war in hand, it
looks like I might get my comeuppance. Although I
could get pulled back into a safe bunker by Mr. Bo
Jackson. To continue the war analogy, would Mitch
Williams and his legendary wild pitches make me more
likely to receive friendly fire?

Dayf's pack:

88 Steve Lyons - Psycho leads the charge to battle!
72 Tom Brunansky
68 Jose Oquendo - Bunting for FREEDOM!
275 Craig Biggio
280 Bo Jackson - Bo knows GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bombs
272 Glenn Davis
7 1953 AL MVP Al Rosen
696 Nolan Ryan 5000 strikeouts highlight - Nolan mocks your puny pack
250 Rick Sutcliffe
545 Dennis Cook
540 Jeff Wetherby RC - Rookie card! And quite possibly only card
158 Mike Jeffcoat
162 Terry Steinbach
178 Jeff Blauser - Two Braves in a pack, awwwww yeah
332 Mark Williamson
622 Darrin Fletcher RC
638 Lenny Webster RC - wonders if this is a good time to mention he's a pacifist

Biggio in full catcher's gear, a real card of Bo and not some subset, three - count 'em - three rookie cards and Nolan Freakin' Ryan. Plus the Nolan has some printing marks on the card so it looks like there are bullets whizzing by his head. Nolan doesn't care about no bullets, he just struck out Rickey Henderson for his 5000th strikeout!

Now go vote!!!


Kevin said...

Okay dayf, you got this one in a walkaway. I love that Lenny Webster card, you got an Oriole (Williamson), the vertical orientation on the Fletcher card looks awesome, and even your Bo takes the starch out of Thorzul's Dream Team Bo.

Captain Canuck said...

any pack with Blauser is an automatic W.
'nuff said.

William said...

Dayf's pack was complete pwnage [to use a geek term]. Nolan, Bo, and an early Biggio? Case closed.

NickL said...

wow I was thinking that a Bo Dream Team would be tough to beat, especially when this set had like 234309 cards, but that Nolan Ryan is a classic.

If that Bo had been the "black-and-white bat-on-the-shoulders" card it would have been closer...

AlbuqwirkE said...

Jeff Wetherby checklist:

1986 Sumter Braves ProCards 30
1987 Greenville Braves Best 21
1988 Richmond Braves Bob's Camera 17
1988 Richmond Braves CMC 16
1988 Richmond Braves ProCards 9
1988-89 BYN Puerto Rico Winter League 156
1989 Braves Dubuque 28
1989 Richmond Braves CMC 16
1989 Richmond Braves ProCards 840
1989 Richmond Braves Team Issue 22
1990 CMC 474
1990 Colorado Springs Sky Sox CMC 22
1990 Colorado Springs Sky Sox ProCards 53
1990 O-Pee-Chee 142
1990 ProCards AAA 234
1990 Score 540
1990 Score Rising Stars 44
1990 Topps 142
1990 Topps Debut '89 138
1990 Topps Tiffany 142
1990 Upper Deck 611
1991 Line Drive AAA 472
1991 Rochester Red Wings Line Drive 472
1991 Rochester Red Wings ProCards 1917
1992 Calgary Cannons Fleer/ProCards 3744

Chris Harris said...

I pick the Junkie (dayf), but I agree with nickl.

If Thorzul had pulled the black/white Bo, he'd a been a winnah!

P.J. said...

Dayf, without a doubt. Biggio=catcher, sweet.

Steve Gierman said...

Both surprisingly good war packs! dayf has the edge with the superior Bo and the Nolan Ryan.

tommergun said...

Attaboy to Lenny Webster staring down the runner at third "Uh-uh dis Homey dont play dat" as opposed to Kelly Mann just trying to look mean - he's silly. Dayf wins.

jtanevismom06 said...