Saturday, February 16, 2008

2008 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Box Break, Volume VII: Revenge of the Foil

So, are these corny titles doing anything for you? Just trying to spice things up a bit.

47 Orlando Cabrera
265 Fredi Gonzalez MGR
44 Jonathan Broxton - His last name is similar to mine, which is neat, I guess.
146 Aaron Hill
79 Omar Vizquel - In nineteen seasons, Omar has hit 77 home runs. If he took steroids, he did it wrong.
165 Tim Lincecum
22 Ron Washington MGR
84 Brian Fuentes
279 Damion Easley - I recently heard of someone who heckled Damion by repeatedly asking him, "Were you REALLY an All-Star?"
14 Lenny DiNardo
173 Jamie Moyer - He has 230 wins and a 4.21 ERA. I wonder if that's the highest ever for a 200-game winner.
294 Brian McCann
186 Lastings Milledge
MMS48 Mickey Mantle Story: June 5, 1955, Mickey clears the roof of Comiskey Park. I can't believe how useless this insert set is.
160 Ben Sheets
110 Justin Morneau
249 Chris Sampson
243 Akinori Iwamura
152 Bronson Arroyo - Ex-manager Jerry Narron says he "knows how to pitch". This ignores his 1.40 WHIP last year. I guess that's why he's an ex-manager.
100 Ryan Howard - There's a hilarious mention on the back of three-year-old Ryan tearing a soap dish out of the bathroom wall in his home. Kudos, Topps copywriter.
295 Tim Wakefield - I kind of hope Tim pitches forever.
54 Victor Martinez - What he hell is with his signature? Does he think he's Walt Disney?

227 Alfredo Amezaga
220 Roy Oswalt - Our first dupe. Drat!
98 Classic Combos: Chase Utley and Ryan Howard - Another dupe...I don't like where this is going.
287 Classic Combos: Justin Morneau, Johan Santana, and Joe Mauer - Three in a row!
AR49 Tom Seaver 50th Anniversary Topps All-Star Rookie - This card redeems the duplicate shenanigans, and...wait a minute...Shortstop?

MMHR503 Mickey Mantle Home Run Thingy #503
YR5 Daisuke Matsuzaka Year in Review, April 5, 2007: Dice-K Debuts - Yippie, he beat the Royals.
OTG20 Carlos Lee Own the Game
TCH14 Hunter Pence Trading Card History: 1922 W573 - This looks almost like a playing card.

284 Lance Broadway RC Gold Foil
179 Chris Young Postseason Highlights NLDS Gold Foil
253 Bronson Sardinha RC - Two Bronsons in a pack? Man, I would kill for a Charles Bronson insert. Make it happen, Topps.
68 Kevin Millar - Finally, another Oriole, and one of my favorites at that!

67 Wes Helms - Thus kicks off 11 straight doubles to close out the pack. Thanks for the turd sandwich, Topps. I have three more packs to go, this better not be the norm going forward.
237 Eric Wedge MGR
293 Gavin Floyd
102 Ross Ohlendorf RC
132 Ramon Vazquez
320 Ichiro
136 Robinson Cano
42 Corey Hart
176 Troy Patton RC
230 Roy Halladay
125 Tim Hudson

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