Monday, February 25, 2008

2003 Upper Deck Victory

Last week I shared a bunch of stuff a reader from England sent to me. As a break from our ongoing pack war, I've decided to post the first of these packs.

It goes by the name of Upper Deck Victory, though I'm not entirely sure the Bicycle Playing Card Co. didn't have a hand in their manufacture.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
68 Bobby Abreu

47 Jacque Jones
4 Darrin Erstad
53 Roberto Alomar

152 Eric Chavez Laying it on the Line
12 Gary Sheffield (Green Parallel?)

Information Play Card

Grade: B
Doubling as a strategy game has not historically been kind to card makers, but every once in a while an attempt is made. I showed the back of the Alomar card, so you can see this game probably isn't too complicated. But let's face it: The century-plus of baseball's existence has produced a number of great, time-honored sim games, so there's not really a need for another. As cards, this pack was fine. Not really any personal favorites in here, but whatever.

What I'd really like to address has to do with yesterday's posting of Panini stickers. In the comments, someone lamented the difficulty of getting new packs.


William said...

APBA [made in Millersville, PA] is a great baseball stat/sim game. There's nothing like rolling a 66 on the dice, looking down at the player's card, and seeing that 1 in the corner.

capewood said...

Upper Deck published the Victory set from 1999 to 2003. Outside of the 2003 set, the cards always reminded me of Collector's Choice sets from the mid-1990's. In fact, it looks like the Victory line replaced the Collector's Choice line which was last published in 1998. The 2003 Victory set was very different than the other years. They had those rounded corners and featured the game on the back. I have an Upper Deck Victory card from 1999 published in Japan which I'm going to post later this week on my blog (thanks for reminding me of it).