Friday, February 22, 2008

2006 Topps Chrome

I did pretty well on the last pack of Chrome I busted, so I got a second pack. Let's dig in.

Checklist 2 - A lot of people get exasperated by the checklists, but I don't mind them all that much. They are basically filler cards that don't count against the number of cards in the pack so they are better than a Head of the Class crap card at least. Plus since everyone else chucks them since they are not part of the set anymore, in 50 years they will be scarce as hell. Don't believe me? Go try find a checklist from 1956 Topps on eBay.

328 Sean Marshall RC - A non-rookie RC card of a Cub. Whoopie. Sean will probably be in the Cubs' rotation this year, he's got to be better than Jason Marquis, doesn't he?

87 Paul LoDuca Xfractor - Wooooooo Shiny! Two for two on refractors. Of course, it's Paul LoDuca. I just made a big trade of Mets for Braves with a newspaper writer in Jersey, I wish I had ripped this before I sent his package off. Hell, I could have given him the Floyd too now that I think of it. Oh well.

14 Chipper Jones - This pack = WIN. Happiness, butterflies, and sexual favors from a large chested girl who bakes a mean cheesecake. All this and more packed into a small metallic trading card.

86 Mike Piazza - Someone's gonna sign him, right? His career's not going to end with him waiting by the phone for a call that never comes is it? He just bought a beach house for his Playboy playmate wife, so maybe he's a little too busy right now to go to Spring Training. Still, Mike can't retire... I remember collecting his rookie cards when I was in college. If he's old enough to retire then that makes me... Oh hell. Don't go, Mike! Don't go...


Captain Canuck said...

Chipper is god.

Russ said...

ANOTHER Paul Lo Dookie insert? I think Topps knows exactly which packs you and I are both going to buy and put on to blogs.

Roger David said...

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