Saturday, February 02, 2008

2006 Topps Opening Day

When you're a cheap schlub like me, you just can't say no to Legends repacks. Here's the first two packs of a six-packs-for-five-dollars purchase:

Pack 1:

40 Jorge Posada
21 Lance Berkman
63 John Smoltz
43 Jimmy Rollins
15 Brian Roberts
57 Bartolo Colon
22 of 25 Ichiro/Johnny Damon Funny Photos
If I was playing "O's or No O's?" I would be in good shape. I've gotta enjoy Brian Roberts while I still can. I've always liked Lance Berkman, even if BerkMan is a lame name for a superhero. As far as Bartolo Colon, I can't help but wonder how many immigrant laborers died to make Bartolo the Giant's uniform.

Pack 2:

143 Bryan Bullington RC
151 John Koronka RC
146 Walter Young RC
41 Albert Pujols
109 Paul Lo Duca
139 Ryan Garko RC
19 of 25 Manny Ramirez/Ronnie Belliard Funny PhotosThis pack is just crammed chock-full of Rookie Cards. However, I also have to call B.S. on Bullington - I have his 2003 Topps Draft Pick card. Koronka has one of the most hilarious Dugout screen names ever, in Koronkadonk. Walter god. That guy's ass has its own congressman. As an O's fan, I can tell you that people were always trying to compare him to Frank Thomas just because he was a giant black guy who hit home runs. The difference is that Frank Thomas is actually an athlete. I would like to say, however, that I appreciate the use of brown in the Orioles' color scheme in this set. It harkens back to 1988 Topps in a way.


Unknown said...


Why isn't Walter Young's card listed as Funny Photos?

Kevin said...

I suppose humor is in the eye of the beholder. For my part, I cracked up as soon as I saw Walter, though...I assure you of that.

Chuck said...

Boy are Walter Young and Bartolo Colon a couple of humongos or what? Its nice to see 2 guys so dedicated to their job, which appears to be competitive eating from the looks of things.