Thursday, February 14, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Series One Blaster: Packs #1 & #2

Went to Wally-World today, and -- even though I'll be buying a Hobby box tomorrow -- I couldn't resist the sight of a 2008 Upper Deck series one Blaster box. So I bought one.

Unfortunately, UD is pretty vague as to what exactly you get for your $19.97 + tax.

It says that the box has 10 packs, and that you guaranteed a gamer. But it doesn't mention such minor details as how many cards are in each pack. Or what other inserts are in the box.

It does mention on one of the side panels something about an exclusive Babe Ruth insert (I 'm guessing that this is retail only), but nothing about the retail-exclusive StarQuests, or the Presidential Predictors, OPC reprints, or anything else.

OBTW, for all you NPNers out there, you no longer have to mail UD anything to get your free cards. According to the fine print on the bottom of the Blaster, all you have to do is fill out a form on a special website that UD setup.

OK, enough with the small talk, let's open this bitch up.

First up is a chiptopper explaining the StarQuest inserts.

There's five different versions of each StarQuest: common, un-common, rare, super rare, and ultra rare. (Although the odds for each are not stated.) I guess you need to explain the concept of "parallel inserts" to a twelve-year-old. I think we needed something like this to explain the multitude of parallels in '04 Diamond King baseball.

Pack #1

Mike Jacobs
Rick Ankiel
Jason Marquis
David Wright
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Justin Miller
Jeremy Bonderman

Common StarQuest: Chase Utley

Pack #2

Placido Polanco
Brian Giles
Rudy Seanez
Yadier Molina
Jack Cust


The House That Ruth Built #2
Un-Common StarQuest: Travis Hafner

Not bad for two packs. Stay tuned tomorrow for packs #3 & #4.

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