Sunday, February 03, 2008

Stylin' and profilin'

Coming back from a college hockey game tonight (watching the ol' alma mater battle to a 3-all tie. It was crap as they should have won, 3-2. The other third goal should have been called off), I stopped to drop off a friend at Wal-Mart, which is where he parked.

Far be it from me to pull into a Wal-Mart and not go check the inventory. Turns out there were two boxes of the TriStar Prospect Plus blasters. I avoided, however, as I need just three base cards for the set and wasn't into spending 20 bucks on the blaster. I looked at some of the silly and goofy things, but wasn't about to spend $4 on something that would end up in the trash.

So I opted to try something else. Like a couple retail, $1.99 packs of WWE Heritage III!

The front of these packs offer the following:
  • Bubble gum in every pack!
  • Look for: Ringside Relics, Magnets or Allen and Ginter Superstars!
The pack front also features John Cena holding the WWE title belt. It's funny, because his catch phrase is "You can't see me!" However, anyone looking at these cards sure can see him!

The gum is also different, I see. No longer will we have to worry about all of those stains on the cards as Topps has made it more fan-friendly and put it in its own packaging:

So, let's crack open these packs and see what we can come up with!

Pack 1:

79 Pat Patterson
The first intercontinental champion, even though he was basically handed the belt!
85 Kamala
Where's Kim Chee?
Ric Flair magnet
Apparent mojo? Whoooooooooooo! The Nature Boy! Whooooooooooooo!
67 Mickie James
57 Undertaker

Pack 2:
35 The Miz
49 Chavo Guerrero
16 Domino
8 Hardcore Holly
Hell yeah, a real bad-ass. They don't call him hardcore for nothing!
25 JBL

Pack 3:
61 Melina
71 Brian Pillman
Flyin' Brian!
7 of 12 - Mr. Kennedy Allen and Ginter
Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiister Kennedy! Kennedy!
41 Shelton Benjamin
75 The Freebirds
Bad Street, Atlanta, GA!

Overall thoughts: I like that Topps actually has some old-school looking cards for this set. Really king of cool. I don't buy many n0n-baseball packs, but I'd be tempted to buy a couple hobby packs of these to see what I could pull. I'm a WWE fan (well, some of it), so these are pretty wild. And as an old-school wrestling fan, seeing the stars of yesteryear is kind of cool, too.

I picked up a NASCAR pack for laughs, too. I'll open that in the next day or two and post.


dayf said...

That magnet rules.

Would it be considered pack searching if I threw all the packs from a box up against the metal rack and see which ones stuck?

Chuck said...

Cool Freebirds card...where is Buddy Jack Roberts?? Jim Garvin was like the Ringo of the Freebirds.

P.J. said...

Too funny with the magnet. Never thought of that. Just brong all the packs to a metal wall and see if any want to stick. hahaha.

As for Buddy Roberts, I know he had throat cancer and talks with a voice thing now. I did a quick search and here's the WWE catching up with Roberts: