Friday, February 15, 2008

2007 Triple Threads Football

Ok, So I'm darkship the mystery man at the moment!! First post here so be gentle. I've enjoyed reading about all the pack opened so when the invite went out I thought it'd be fun to join in. I mainly collect football but will pick up a pack of anything that looks interesting. As for teams that I tend to root for on the MLB side it's the Royals, I know make your jokes!! and on the NFL side give me the Vikings. I also love to watch soccer when I get the chance and will cheer for anyone but Mexico! GO USA!!

I'm going big on my first post here and taking on one expensive box that I splurged on thins last week. 2007 Topps Triple Threads Football

Pack One:
63 Larry Fitzgerald 1233/1449
99 Roger Staubach 60/1449
76 Jeremy Shockey 1220/1449
43 Brandon Jacobs-sepia 72/639
77 Alge Crumpler-emerald 33/199

TTRC 23 "Beavers" triple jersey-sepia featuring S. Jackson, C. Johnson, T. Houshmanzadeh 17/27

Pack Two:
68 Lee Evans 1091/1449
90 Franco Harris 1143/1449
66 Laveranues Coles 177/1449
67 Hines Ward-sepia 134/639
87 Tony Dorsett-sepia 601/639
and the motherload!!!
TTRA 134 Tony Gonzalez triple jersey/autograph White Whale/Black Printing Plate 1/1!!

The card shop owner was on the phone when I pulled this and hung up on them when he saw the card! Tony does look like he got a bit lazy with the auto as I've seen nicer but I'm not going to complain too much about a 1/1.

I love these cards and had lots of fun opening the box. I'd like to get more, but that can get expensive really fast so we'll have to see. Hope you guys enjoyed and I look forward to posting more as I get the chance.


Cody Eding said...

Welcome - I enjoy reading everyone else's breaks and yours seem to have started off on the right foot! Congrats on the sweet 1/1.

darkship said...

Thanks, considering I had a choice of 8 different boxes on the shelf I think I got lucky!

dayf said...

Sweet Gonzalez card! I like the Crumpler emerald card too even though the stupid Falcons cut him today.

Chris said...

Do you have the NPN address for the 2007 Topps Triple Threads FB?