Friday, February 22, 2008

2008 Upper Deck!

All right, as some of you have pointed out Topps has been ruling this blog and I think it's time that you hear about the OTHER brand that came out at about the same time. I don't have any scans to put in at the moment (no scanner and no pics taken yet) but I will give my opinion and the results of my box break.

I have to say at first impression I'm pretty impressed. You get 20 cards per pack and usually an insert of some kind. UD has some fun stuff and some odd stuff for inserts this year. The best has to be the Presidential Predictor cards, BTW if you find Hillary let me know she was "pulled" from the run. These cards are cartoons of all the candidates in various baseball situations. Fred Thompson as The Babe, Mitt Romney as Carlton Fisk and so on. These are great fun to find and if you have the eventual winner and enter the code found on the back at UD's website you have the chance to win the grand prize of throwing out a first pitch at an MLB game. Also inserted are O'Pee Chee "reprints" with todays stars on them. Then you have the biggie.... the Yankees Pride set that something like one million cards big. As for the base set the pictures are great with edge to edge photos and many action shots form sliding into second to home plate celebrations it's some of the best I've seen in a few years. I'm really enjoying putting the full set together.

My box break yielded a good mix as I got close to 80% of the complete base with only one double!!! Best ratio in a while. I pulled several of the O'Pee Chee inserts with my favorite being the Alex Gordon. I also got a Season Highlights Auto of Josh Willingham, a Game Jersey of Rocco Baldelli, and a Gold Game Patch of Travis Hafner/4 color!!, I also got two of the Presidential Predictors: Al Gore and The Wild Card.

As I said over all I like this set and will probably buy a few more packs or a blaster of two to finish out what I need. If anyone is looking for singles I do have more doubles now form the blasters already bought just let me know!!

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