Sunday, February 17, 2008

Topps and UD Arrive!!!

I finally made it to my local card shop and picked up some packs of the new Topps and UD baseball products. Here is the 411...

Topps Leads Off...

Kevin Youkilis
David Wright Students Work Hard & Get Cards (Pay attention kids!! Not too sure of David's educational level but let's just buy the premise.)

Jorge Sosa
Own the Game Brad Penny
Lenny Dinardo
Damion Easley
Brian Fuentes
Classic Combos (Kearns & Young)
Ryan Klesko (Losing a ball in the shade)
Kevin Gregg
Jeff Clement RC
Jeremy Hermida
Opee-Chee Chase Utley

Well, that was a stimulating bust.

Onto UD 2008 Baseball...

Mark Reynolds Auto!!
Johan Santana
Season Highlight Mark Bueherle (too bad we weren't playing Sox or No Sox)
Sam Fuld RC
Eric Byrnes
Peter Moylan
Mike Napoli
Mark Teixeira
Vicky Martinez
Jon Rauch
Antonio Alfonseca
Frank Thomas (and he's actually stretching his MASSIVE thighs!!)
Aramis Ramirez
Bengie Molina
Boof Bonser (Dude, you're an adult. Lose the cute Aussie nickname already)
Matt Garza
Aaron Hill
Barry Zito
John Maine

I also got a pack of something called Topps Trading Card History.

Griffey, Rollins, Wright, Chin Lung-Hu and Ryan Howard in vintage Topps designs.

Cool...but Chin Lung-Hu? Really??

Overall, I prefer the Topps but it was good to finally bust some Baseball again. Thanks for watching kids!!


dayf said...

I saw that UD Frank Thomas card. That thing is awesome.

Voltaire said...

Boof is his legal name. It's not something he can "lose."